The Significance and Necessity of Historic Knowledge in the Example of Al- Sakhawi in “ al-I’lan bi-al-Tawbikh li-man Dhamm al-Tarikh ”
Dr. Mahmmoud Al-Jbarat

This text addresses the writings of the historian Al-Sakhawi regarding the significance of the study of history. It explores his defense of the study of history against those who generalized history because they saw it as mere storytelling. Al-Sakhawi considered the study of history to be comprehensive in that it includes details of accounts and various eras and could be applied to multiple disciplines. He discussed the importance of historical reasoning as knowledge of past events help, for example, politicians establish practices of good management. Moreover, the study of history includes the study of ethics and honors the scholars of the past, in particular those who have exemplary morals. As such, historians have an obligation to study accounts carefully so as to report events accurately. Finally, the text cites the benefits of studying history according to Al-Sakhawi.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v9n2a4