Significance of Teaching Counter-Terrorism in the UK Mosques
Ramzan Mohammed, Assoc. Prof. Dr Bakare Kazeem Kayode

There is no doubt that terrorism is a world issue which has affected the whole of mankind in general, but Muslims all over the world have been troubled by it at large. Due to the misrepresentation of Islamic Qur‟anic text and Prophetic narrations, young Muslims have been prey to being brainwashed in the hands of people who want to misuse them for their own political activities. In order to protect our young generation, it is important that the true concept of Islam and the counter-terrorism aspect of Islam is instilled within our young generation. This paper looks into the research carried out on the importance of teaching peace and counter-terrorism in the UK mosques by exploring the perception of UK mosque members about this. This study will also look into what curriculum UK mosques are using, whether it incorporates any counter-terrorism studies or not.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v9n2a3