Divorce and Muslim Women in North-western Nigeria: A Challenge to the Muslim Ummah
Dr. Amina Muhammad Sani, Prof. Atiku Garba Yahaya

The paper attempts to identify the trends of divorce among the Muslim Ummah, particularly in the north western part of Nigeria. In doing this, the paper describes the institution of marriage according to the Shari’ah. This is necessary because without marriage there will be no divorce. It describes marriage as a legal union of man and woman as stipulated in the Qur‟an and Sunnah. It is the breakup of the marriage contract that brings about divorce which the paper examines. Finally the paper proffers ways of sustaining this important social formation by adhering to the laid down conditions and procedure contained in the Qur‟an and Sunnah. It is by adhering to the Qur‟an and Sunnah, the paper argues,that the longitivity and permanence of marriage, as the most important basic social foundation of the society can be sustained and guaranteed.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v8n2a2