Indonesian Mosques: Current Issues, Management, and Institutions in Indonesia and the United States
Rosita Tandos, Abd. Muid N, Nasaruddin Umar

Mosques (masjid) as faith-based organizations (FBOs) have served congregations religiously, and contributed in peopleā€Ÿs life in providing social services. To play their roles and functions, mosques have faced challenges in Muslim majority and minority countries. This article examined Indonesian mosques in Indonesia and the United States, taking samples of eight prominent mosques in Indonesia (located in two areas of Jakarta and Depok) and two mosques in the United States. Data was collected by conducting observations, interviews, and focus group discussions (FGDs) involving 150 participants in Indonesia, and 75 participants in the United States. They are from managements and congregations of the mosques. The article shows major findings that the development of radical religious understanding, being minority group, and the need to improve the roles and functions of mosques.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v8n2a1