The Historical Review as a Reference for the Islamic Heritage Restoration (Case Study: As-Sayyid Hashim Mosque)
Ziad M. M. Shehada

The historical study of a built heritage is an essential element in supporting the process of conserving such tangible heritage. The restoration process of a heritage goes further than preserving or repairing the building, as it includes restoring the building to its original form by applying the mechanisms and methodologies that are effective in maintaining the building in such form. This research aims to highlight the importance of the history in guiding the restoration process of the heritage projects. This research has selected the As-Sayyid Hashim Mosque in Gaza City as a case study due to the significance of the grave of the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad located inside the mosque. The researcher followed the field reconnaissance to understand the depth of the historical study that guided the restoration process, and whether the outcome of the restoration process was compatible with the original form. The researcher found a direct relation between history and value; when the restoration process of a building relies on historical studies, the value of the building gradually increases to significant amounts.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v8n1a2