Grant of a Supplication in Quran -A Systems thinking Perspective
Mehrdad Yasrebi, Asad Azemi

The purpose of this article is to present, based on the verses from the Holy Quran, a systems thinking perspective for the grant of a supplication. Roadmap is outlined and system feedback loops are suggested, which in turn provides insights into factors such as time and conditions, based on which a supplication may be granted. It is shown that the topic of supplication, genuineness, and the level of self-growth are among the essential factors for the grant of a supplication. Supplication system is discussed to be a sub-system of prayer, which in turn is the sub-system of the holistic system of monotheism. Finally, some systems insight is offered regarding the concept of invocation.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v7n2a7