Adolescent Metacognitive Knowledge during the Quran Memorization Process
Ragwan Alaydrus

There are number of researches have studied the experience on Quran memorization, but there are only small number of studies that have explored deeper, how huffadhs manage their cognition for the success in memorization. This current study aimed to investigate qualities of metacognitive knowledge in the proses of memorization of Quran using Flavell’s components of metacognitive knowledge which are task, strategy, and person. This qualitative case study took place in one university in Malaysia used interview and think after journal to investigate the metacognitive knowledge of two young huffazs as they memorized and revised the Qur’an. As the result, the study identified the six attributes of metacognitive knowledge: understanding the nature of task, understanding the influence, applying memorization strategies, monitoring the process, utilizing resources, and practicing immediate coping. The results contribute to the understanding of adolescent huffadhs memorization technique and suggest the benefit of teaching metacognitive strategy in the Quran memorization.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v7n2a3