A Study of Relationship between Sharī‘Ah and Ḥaqīqah with Special Reference to Shaykh Ibrāhīm Inyās
Dr. ADENIGBA, Sikiru Atanda

Shari‘ah and Haqīqah are two terms of Tasawwuf- Islamic Mysticism which had generated a lot of controversies among Islamic scholars. Previous works have focused on the connotations of Shari‘ah and Haqīqah individually and with some other terms that are connected to the two. However, those works were confronted with the challenge of creating a unique understanding of the common features inherent Sharīcah and Ḥaqīqah as independent concepts in Islām. Both usages have been promoted diversely by different groups in such a manner that one may want to see the two terms as uncomplimentary and opposite. This paper therefore, intended to give a clear meaning and understanding of the two connotations, and how both relate to each other as in the works of Shaykh Ibrahim Inyās in enhancing the spirito-moral dimensions of Islām. The paper concluded that there is relationship between Sharīcah and Ḥaqīqah and the two connotations form the basic knowledge of Islam and Ibrahim Inyas was an exponent of Sharīcah and Ḥaqīqah.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v6n2a4