Reflection on the Epistemic Foundations of Good Ending (GE) and the Strategies to Reach it in the Holy Qur'an Based on Verses 19-24 of Sura Raad
Zakavi, A A; Marzband, R.

One of the most sublime and aspirations of believers is to achieve to good ending (GE). According to Holy Quran teachings, one of the characteristics of believers is the pray GE from Allah in this life and hereafter. The aim of this article is a reflection on the effective factors to realize GE based on Quran pure revelation and on its epistemic foundations. The main research question is: By which epistemic foundations and practical strategies one can achieve to GE based on the Islamic revealed teachings emphasizing on the verses 19-24 sura Raad? By an analytic method and refer to Quran and related interpretation works and Hadiths, in this study has analyzed and studied the eight main strategies and in the way has enumerated epistemic foundations of GE. Recognizing these strategies one can be hopeful to realize the good life in his individual and social life and hereafter.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v6n2a3