Actuality and Visualization in the Dramatic Description of Eternal Bliss
Dr Eiman Mohammed Saeed Saleh Tunsi

The concern in this paper is to investigate how actuality and visualization unify the setting, the dramatis personae and the promise in the Qur‟anic description of the Eternal Bliss. By tracing the dramatic structure, I tend to answer the following questions: Where does actuality along with visualization reside in the Qur‟anic descriptive structure of Eternal Bliss? How are these two techniques integrated to give the full description encompassing the beginning and the becoming in regard with owning heaven? I opt to the comparative approach in examining the verses that focus on the topic of Bliss where people are declared immortal. Several diagrams are used to demonstrate the role of each technique within the dramatic structure of setting, dramatis personae and finally the reward. Physicality explains the differences implied in the blissful places granted to people who made their choice of the path to the prosperous longevity early in the earthly life.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v6n2a2