Defining the “Enemies” of God: Muslim Extremists Perception of the Religious Other
Mohamed Bin Ali

One of the issues in contemporary Islamic thought which has attracted much attention amongst Muslim scholars and within the Muslim community is the valid and appropriate attitude of Muslims to relationships with non-Muslims. A major source of confusion and controversy with regards to this relationship comes from the allegation that Muslims must reserve their love and loyalty for fellow Muslims and to disavow people of the Religious Other. This allegation is manifested through the concept of Al-Wala‟ wal Bara‟ (Loyalty and Disavowal). This paper explores the conception of the Religious Other by contemporary Muslim extremists. It highlights how Muslim extremists justify their hatred and enmity of the Religious Others in the name of Al-Wala‟ wal Bara‟. To understand their perception, the paper looks at the contents of Surah or Chapter of Al-Mumtahanah, the sixtieth chapter of the Quran and shows how the Quran, particularly this chapter and the concept of Millat Ibrahim (Religion of Abraham) play an important role in formulating Muslim extremists‟ perception of the Religious Other. The paper will conclude with some debates by contemporary Muslims on the notion of loving and hating the Religious Other.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v6n1a9