Causality and Reliance (Tawakkul) in Ghazali's Epistemological System
Sobhi Rayan

This article deals with the issue of causality and its ethical status in al-Ghazali's epistemological system, which is connected with causality and reliance (al-šabābiyya and tawakkul), dependence on God and trust in him; and the issue of work. These issues are based on the relationship between Man and God, be He exalted, and on other issues involving the components of Man himself. Al-Ghazali seeks to revive the necessary relationship between Man and God, be He exalted. The unity and oneness of God (tawḥīd) is the existential origin and epistemological example from which relationships between Man and himself, people and nature are derived, and the establishment of human work, physical or mental, is based on the knowledge of tawḥīd, which guarantees the process of this work will reach the end for which it was created.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v6n1a6