Qur’anic War against Hunger for Sustainable Development
Dr. Muhammad Tanko Aliyu

Food is necessary for every living creature to sustain and enjoy his life. This is why food security becomes a matter of concern in human society and the eradication of hunger a collective war of the comity of nations. The Qur’an being the statute of Islam has declared a very stringent war against hunger in order to ensure sustainable development of human beings as individuals and communities through various exhortations, legislations and institutions. This paper, thematically studies the Qur’an texts on the eradication of hunger as a means of food security for sustainable development to enable man fulfil the purpose of his creation and discharge his responsibility as Allah’s vicegerent on earth appropriately. The paper suggests ways to diffuse the Qur’an provisions on the matter into the currents of the modern world and Nigerian nation in particular. It concludes that the Qur’anic measures for granting and guaranteeing food security are the best ways of action against hunger and that the struggle to entrench and sustain the measures is a collective responsibility of individuals, families, communities and governments of all nations irrespective of their religious affiliations.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v6n1a5