Spiritual Nutrition from the Islamic Point of View
Rahmatollah Marzband, Mostafa Moallemi, Morteza Darabinia

Spirituality is one of the dimensions of health. Nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting the spiritual health. In this way many religions consider guidelines to get spirituality by nutrition. This paper discusses a concept analysis of spiritual nutrition in an (Shiet) Islamic context. To conduct the current study, the databases including Magiran, Hawzeh.net, Noormag, Jaame-al-Hadith, Jaame-O-ttafasir, Ahlebit library were utilized in the search for data. The results obtained showed that spiritual nutrition from the perspective of Islamic texts is a series of responsible activities that include, cognitions, behaviors and out comings components in relationship with food. It is deduced from the concept of spirituality in Islamic literature. Each component was found to be composed of several indicators. Awareness of the spiritual strategies in nutrition is effective in promotion of cultural competency for health professionals.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v5n2a4