Al-Qur’an as a Remedy for Human Physical and Spiritual Illnesses, and Social Vices: Past, Present and Future
Abubakar Yalwa Muhammad (Ph. D)

Al-Qur‟an is the only inimitable Divine Scripture revealed by Allah the Most High to His chosen and most beloved Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), specifically for guidance to all mankind on all aspects of worship to Him and mundane affairs of this temporal life, so as to achieve salvation and eternal bliss in His Paradise in the Hereafter. In spite of that, there are many indications in the Qur‟an for cure/healing and solutions of physical, spiritual and social illnesses of mankind. This was applicable in the past, relevant now and in the future life of all generations of people. There are also many supportive narrations from Ahadith (traditions/sayings) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on relevance of the Qur‟an for cure of diseases, such as his teachings for invocations of Qur‟anic verses and other modes of prayer for treatment of different kinds of diseases. The Qur‟an also provides injunctions for solutions to social vices within any community. This article is an attempt to throw light on the aforementioned.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v5n2a3