Muslims in America: Identity Dilemma and the Islamic Fundamentals of Coexistence
Ali Akbar Alikhani, Ali Asghar Gharedaghi

Muslims in the contemporary United States try to assimilate themselves with the American society to benefit from potential opportunities of this country; however, they are concerned about preserving their Islamic identities well. This article attempts to examine the Islamic fundamentals of coexistence which could help Muslims to keep their Islamic identity and meanwhile be assimilated with the multi-cultural and multi-religious American society. Unlike many scholars who believe that Islamic teachings would not allow Muslims to be assimilated in non-Muslim societies, this article concludes that assuming American identity by Muslims does not necessarily lead to avoiding Islamic principles and thus, Muslims can practice noble principles and fundamentals of Islam during the procedure of coexistence while preserving their Islamic identity on one hand and becoming American on the other.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v5n2a2