The Relationship between Human Performance and Natural Disasters Based on Islamic Teachings
Ali Asghar Zakavi, Rahmatollah Marzband

One of the realities of life is the existence of natural phenomena such as good and evil. These phenomena are caused by a combination of material factors. The purpose of this article is to examine the relationship between human performance and natural disasters on the basis of the teachings of Islam. The research question is whether a causal and creation relationship is established between the behavior of human beings and the natural disasters in the world (both good and evil) of or not? As the necessity of the discussion becomes apparent in case the this relationship is proved, many religious practices such as praying for penitence to remove calamity, praying for the cure of the sick also referring to some events and disasters yielding as a logical explanation for the performance of the community and in case of the absence of proof, all these actions or their absence are rational explanations. The current study is an original research of its kind. First, searching for the keywords such as: performance, human, natural phenomena, divine blessings, doom, and so on in holy Qur'an, Shiite traditions, software of Jame Al-tafasir Jame Al-ahadis, articles and existing works on the data base of documents such as: noormags, sid, magiran, Isc., Preliminary data and relevant to research questions were collected. Then these data, according to the purpose of study was analyzed and evaluated. According to some Qur'an cosmological and anthropological principles it has been proved that the universe is a unified and absolute whole and because of the flow of causality and the cause-effect rule in all things, material and immaterial, sin and disobedience is going against the creation and the divine system of genesis and it can interfere with the divine system of genesis, causing some accidents and natural disasters to be descended. With human voluntary movement in line with the legislative, will of God, equal with the coordination of the creation system causing the descending of the blessings and charity. The holy Quran and Islamic traditions prove such a relationship.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v4n1a13