The Hadith of Ban Qunut in Dawn Prayer in Simultaneous Research
Dr. Damanhuri

The Main hadith of ban qunut in dawn prayer which is investigated is the hadith narrated by Umm Salama which was collected by Ibn Majah. In a partial analysis shows that 1. All the narrators present in chain of transmission hadith which totaled 6 narrators. 3 of them (Khatim Ibn Bakr, Nafi ' Mawla Abd Allah Ibn Umar and Umm Salama) quality: thiqa or trusty. Meanwhile, three other narrators (Muhammad Ibn Ya'la, Anbasah Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Nafi ' quality: da'if or weak. 2. All transmitters of each meeting with the transmitters of status as a teacher, unless transmission Anbasah Ibn Abd al-Rahman. Narrations not muttasil. 3. The matan of the hadith in fact is shadh or irregular. 4. Matan hadith is not affected by illat. By thus concluded that the ban qunut hadith narrated by Umm Salama , quality: da'if al-hadith or weak. In simultaneous analysis, it was found fisrt, that they hadith has 3 hadith tabi’qasir or incomplete related. All 3 hadith tawabi’cannot improve the quality. Thus, the quality is still a weak hadith. Second, the hadith has no hadith shahid, hence the degree cannot be increased and remains of degree: da’if or weak, ahad garib or one companion(Weak in quality, Ahad garib in quantity).

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v4n1a12