JAKIM Halal Certification to the Salted Eggs Industry in Malaysia
Dr. Muhamad Yosef Niteh, Maad Ahmad, Mohd Rofaizal Ibrahim, Zainuddin Seman, Dr. Aminudin Basir

The Shari’a of Islam has placed a great importance on the law of cleansing off faeces and those related to umum al balwa (which means some things that always happen and are unavoidable). On the same note, the society is not adequately informed about shari’a laws on issues related to faecal matter in the food manufacturing process, especially to those that are always being misjudged like salted eggs. Therefore, this study is performed to offer an insight view on the law about the halal status in the salted eggs industry in Malaysia. This study adopted the methods of library study, laboratory method and field study in the forms of interviews with JAKIM officers, salted eggs entrepreneurs, nutritional science experts, and health experts as well as the public. Observation method is also elected by the researcher to ensure the validity of facts. This study found that the salted eggs manufactured in Malaysia, despite them not being washed prior to preservation, are not absorbed by any excrement to the point of haram as has been claimed.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v4n1a10