The Fastest Growing Ethnocultural Community of Canada: Ethnocultural Freedom and Equality of the Canadian Muslim Minority
Dr. Yusuf Nebhan Aydin

According to a report penned after September 11, 2001, Canada was the least affected country by the global surge in anti-Muslim sentiments. Given that Canada has always been portrayed as the peaceful nation of ethnic and national diversity, it will be interesting to analyze and discuss the situation of Canadian Muslims' ethnocultural freedom and equality in professing their religious identity without fear of subordination, discrimination or ethnocultural denigration in light Kymlicka's liberal theory of multicultural citizenship which argues for the just treatment of minority in form of self- government rights for national minorities and polyethnic rights for ethnic groups under the heading of multicultural citizenship rights, rather than the common rights of citizenship.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n2a7