Sa‘id Nursi and the Reawakening of Islam in Turkey
Dr Abdol Rauh Yaccob

This article aims to introduce the life and contribution of Sa‘idNursi in reviving the belief and practice of Islam among Muslim society in Turkey. Throughout his life, Sa‘idNursiencountered a number of challenges, notably ignorance, misconception and negligence about Islam as a result of secularism which became apparent in modern societyin Turkey in particular and accordingly they were inclined towards a worldly life. These challenges forced him to form his unique outlook, thought and method of understanding Islam in the context of contemporary Muslim society and along with his strong commitment to Islam he waged a war against the current ofdisbelief, skeptic and doubt about Islam as well as irreligious and atheistic thoughts prevailing in modern Turkey and the Muslim world. The biography of Bediuzzaman, his thought, struggle and contribution has now been written in many languages. His enormous work, Risale-i Nur has also been translated into many languages. This article attempts to representa vast and massive literature available on Bediuzzaman's life, struggle and works offered to the Muslim world with the aims at describing his contribution to reawaken Islam and Muslim in modern Turkey.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n2a3