The Literature of Happiness “With reference of the Philosophy of Happiness in Islam”
Abdel Nasir Yousuf Abde; Kahree Salih

This paper discusses Islam as a way of life behind the religion. This way of life was broadly followed by people all around the world many millennia before the reformation initiated by 'the recitation'. There is a considerable body of research, debate and thinking on Happiness, and much of this is reflected in the Islamic world. This is as it should be, because of the centrality of concepts of Happiness/wellbeing in all social, economic, political and religious spheres. The researcher intended to draw together some of the strands of work concerning wellbeing from an Islamic perspective and which will explore the influence of the Islamic faith on individual, family, community and societal wellbeing. There will be a theoretical and conceptual discussion to give an appreciation of the scope of the field of study.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n2a18