Modular Construction Shouts AdhanQari Based Egyptian Quran Reciter Mosque Management System
Wan Hilmi Wan Abdullah, Ahmad Shafiq Mat Razali

In Malaysia to be a problem in adhan inconsistencies when different versions of the muezzin’s call to prayer is played by major mosques, particularly in the state. This problem has been going on for so long and it lasted until today. This inconsistency reflects the inherent inability and weakness of the muezzin was in control disciplines tarannum and sound. Diversity version propagated by the call to prayer in mosques in the state can be seen as an example the call to prayer in Sultan Salahuddin Shah Alam Mosque using the maqam Nahawand , Negara Kuala Lumpur Mosque with maqam Nahawand , Sultan Zainal Abidin Mosque at the station Nahawand , Putra Mosque Putrajaya maqam Jiharkah and Nasional University of Malaysia Mosque with maqam Sikah . The question that arises is this prayer slogans are not prepared and formed with a methodology that values discipline and sound proper techniques as recite the adzan upon by Qari’s illustrious of countries such as Egypt, Shaykh Ali al-Banna, Shaykh Taha al-Fashni, Shaykh Mustafa Ismacil, Shaykh Muhammad Rif cat and others. The strength and ability of the adhan they proved once selected for inclusion in the radio broadcast of the Quran ( Iza’at al-Qur’an ) since the start of the call to prayer broadcast around the year 1930. Now, the azan by some male-renowned Egyptian reciter was still pulsing and radio broadcasts in the broadcast. This study aims to harmonize the method of adhan an in mosques all over Malaysia in accordance with the methodology of qurra’ Egypt which focuses on the aspects of scientific disciplines and techniques of sound through the proposed modules.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n2a11