Blasphemy law of Islam-Misconceptions and Fallacy
Iffatkhalid, Ms Shamana Munawar

Right of respect is a prime need of every one but this can be fulfilled when each and every person will take this responsibility and take a step forward in demolishing the disharmony in the society. If the right of respect is violated, it leads to hatred and enmity among the people and the situation turns worse if this violation takes the form of blasphemy. This research study is related to the same issue, that is, “Blasphemy law of Islam- Misconceptions and fallacy. ”Themain reason of selecting this topic is to search out the laws regarding punishment of blasphemy in the light of Islam, to identify the misconceptions and fallacy in the society regarding its punishment and also to search for proper answers for their misconcepts so that the culprits can find out their answers in a proper way. Descriptive method of research has been applied in this study by providing sufficient literature according to Qru’an, Sunnah and saying of Jurists etc.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n1a7