The Representation of the Islamic Countries in Travel Writing: Elias Canetti’s the Voices of Marrakesh as a Case Study
Jamal Soualhine

During the mid 1950s, Elias Canetti visited one of the African countries, Morocco, and spent some weeks in Marrakesh. Here, he recorded his visit in a short book, The Voices of Marrakesh, in which he tried systematically to give a unique and sufficient look or description of the city. In a series of vivid scenes such as those portrayed by George Orwell in his essay “Marrakesh”, Elias Canetti deepens the description through fourteen chapters which constitute his book to present Marrakesh and then Morocco as a microcosm within travel writing. Indeed, The Voices of Marrakesh constitutes a major contribution of Elias Canetti to this genre written about Morocco among other books written mainly in the nineteenth century.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n1a6