Factors Influencing Products’ Knowledge of Islamic Banking Employees
Tengku Wasimah Raja Harun, Rosemaliza Ab Rashid, Abu Bakar Hamed

This paper aims to examine the relationship of underlying principles, religiosity, perception, training and products’ knowledge of Islamic banking employees. A survey approach has been adopted to investigateproducts’ knowledge of Islamic Banking employees. The data for this study are collected via structured questionnaires which are completed by 150 staff of Islamic banking operated in northern part of Malaysia. The data are then quantitatively analyzed using SPSS program. The findings show a high significantly positive correlation between product knowledge andunderlying principles followed by training, religiosity and perception. However, further analysis revealed only underlying principles and training give a significant and positive impact on product knowledge of Islamic banking employees. The result implied that the management side of Islamic banking sector need to inculcate their staff with Islamic knowledge. Courses and training programs can be offered to Islamic banking employees to instilling skill in practicing Islamic banking products. Besides, regular seminars and workshops are also can help in achieving these aims. The paper reports a new finding on the area of product knowledge of Islamic banking employees. Valid constructs had been developed in this study and a new variable i.e. underlying principles of Islamic knowledge was utilized and it was found significant influence on product knowledge.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n1a4