Looking at Religion in Relation to the Moral Situation in Contemporary Nigeria
Mustapha, Adejoro Raheem

This paper attempts to look at the various immoral activities available in the Nigerian society such as cultism, armed robbery, corruption, abortion, fornication, obscene dressing, theft, violence, looting, killing, and many more. These are some of dreadful acts which have deprived Nigeria of its due development. Many of these vices are traceable to religious houses and to religious leaders. However, findings show that true religions which people claim to profess, preach moral virtues. Yet, Nigeria still lags behind in many areas including moral. This paper therefore, looked at where the problems lie and it was discovered that enough has not been done by the religious leaders in using the teaching of their respective religions to assist Nigeria reach the high level she ought to have reached. The paper finally offers some suggestions on how religion (in Nigeria) could help promote moral standard in particular and all other aspects of life as a whole.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v3n1a2