Investigating Synonymy in Quran; a Case Study of the Word Barakat (Blessing)
Zahra Ebrahimi, Abdorrasul Hosseiny Zadeh

Synonymy is one of the issues which has application in the discussions of "Fiquh" principles, Ration, "Fiquh-allogha" and "Elmo-delalah". The scientists of Quran science also reconciled it with words in Quran. They have created a science named "synonymy in Quran". The present study investigates the meaning of "Barkat" and its derivations and also synonymous words like "Reba", "Ziyadah", and "khayr", which were used in Quran Verses. The present study tried to bring one or more related Quran verses which have the same issue with "Barkat" to find their semantic relationship with the word Barkat through comparison. Ultimately, it is found that due to the shade of difference in the meaning(s) of the words with the word "Barkat", perfect synonymy in the context of Quran is not possible; consequently, these words fail to be appropriate substitutes for the word Barkat because of the exact meaning in verses in which this word was used.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v2n4a6