The Role of Public Relations in Promoting Islamic Products Globally: The Malaysian Experience
Jamilah Ahmad

Islamic banking and Muslim products have high demands not only among Muslims but also the non-Muslims worldwide including Malaysia. In general, Muslim consumers present a strong voice that the globalised world of business is paying more attention to, but has yet to be fully understood on how to deal with the market. To understand the global market challenges, it is important for public relations practitioners to apply strategic promotional tools to specifically cater this market. There are tremendous opportunity for growth in global halal market which is valued at approximately US$2.7 trillion annually (Ministry of International Trade & Industry of Malaysia, 2012). Looking at the growth and development of Islamic Products in Malaysia, this article examines the role of public relations in promoting Islamic products globally. The findings indicate that, it is important to used advertising; initiating Corporate Social Responsibility activities as well as correcting misconception of Islam are among the roles that need to be executed by public relations practitioners in promoting Islamic products globally.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v2n3a4