Exorcism Practices in South-West Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis
Shaykh Luqman Jimoh

In South-West Nigeria, the indispensability of services of exorcists cannot be overemphasized as there were numerous instances when orthodox medical practitioners, after having done their utmost but unsuccessfully, would advise patients to seek spiritual remedies to their maladies. The exorcists whose services are sought after in the region abound in the three main religions namely Islam, Christianity and Yoruba Traditional Religion. This study is a survey and a comparative analysis of exorcism practices by the Muslim, Christian and Yoruba Traditionalist exorcists in South- West Nigeria purposely to determine the possibility or otherwise of interference in their practice of exorcism. Areas of comparison include the personality of the exorcists, their diagnostic methods and the exorcism modus operandi. The result showed that difference in religious calling notwithstanding, there is, to a large extent interference and borrowing in their exorcism modus operandi, since they all operate in the same milieu.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v2n3a3