A Review of the Activities of Christian Missionary, Clergy ‘Experts’ and Writers on Islam in Nigeria
Mujahid Hamza Shitu

The study of Islam, interpreting it as well as production of specialized literature on different aspects of it by Christian religious functionaries as a means of evangelizing Muslims goes back to the days of John of Damascus (676 – 749 A.D), it became an organized missionary endeavour at the Council of Vienna in 1312 A.D when 5 university chairs of Arabic were created in Europe for missionary purpose. The trend continues to grow up to the Present time. Christian Missionaries who evangelize Nigeria met Islam well established, thus the strategy of using Arabic and Islamic Studies as a means of evangelizing Muslims and stopping the progress of Islam continued to be employed. Christian Missionaries and clergies of Nigerian origin continue to seek expertise on Islam. This article gives a glimpse into their activities, the huge literature they produce and the response of the Muslims in addressing the Issue

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jisc.v2n3a2