Adaptation and Comparison of Dajjal (Antichrist) in Islam with in Christianity
Dr. Maryam Bakhtyar

One of common moods in Ibrahimian religions is the existence of a survivor at the end of world that we will be evident of ascendency of righteous people government in the world. By surveying sources of heavenly religions in relation to common symbols and signs of arriving time of this great event, we find out that one of common signs is the emersion of Dajjal by Islamic title and Antichrist by Christian title. Although the supposition of every of these two ideologies is different in some cases, we can explore common points about the presence of antichrist in society that its most important one is encountering to a reformer for establishing a justiceoriented government. In the present paper, in addition to examining Antichrist history in Christianity, its function is also examined in Islamic sources in order to specify common and uncommon points.

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