Checkmating the Trends of Insecurity on the Nigeria Roads in the Light of Islām
Usman Jimoh Muhammad

Over the course of time, the Nigerian roads are faced with myriads of intricacies that encumber her state of security and impede the safety of lives and properties. This paper entitled “checkmating the trends of insecurity on the Nigeria roads in the light of Islam” looks into a number of issues responsible for the set back. Consequently, it expounds that the threats posed by the Nigerian Police to security of the roads, the increasing rate of the roads accident and the activities of armed robbers all combined to play a detrimental effects on the safety of lives and properties on the roads. However, the irresponsible attitude of the drivers, bad governance, bad parental upbringing, the poverty ridden nature of the nation, aftermath effects of political thuggery, corruption, and the like are factors expediting the prevalence of insecurity on the motorways. The paper provides a number of solutions to the aforementioned glitches in the light of Islam. It therefore recommends that the government should fine-tune measures to curb corruption in the nation. When done, it would ensure judicious utilisation of the nation’s wealth for poverty alleviation, guarantee good road network and wipe out bad eggs from the civil service in particular and the society at large. In addition, parents should rise up to their responsibility over their children so as to ensure procreation of responsible and accountable road users and citizenry.

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