Similarity in the Philosophy of Worship in Torah and Quran
Dr Musferah Mehfooz, Fatima Javaid, Iffet Khalid

The concepts of individual and collective worship are common in the Torah and Quran. They are not empty rituals but a source of social reformation. The examination and analysis of how rituals of worship lead to the formation of a healthy society is the purpose of this article.Thearticlealso attempts to highlight the similarities inherent in the Law of Moses and Islamic Law. The basic fundamentals of religion and preaching of all messengers, from Adam to Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), are essentially similar in nature.Thoughmany different Sharia’s were revealed and many declared redundant and changed, religion did not change. Hence, though the religious beliefs of all messengers were identical, the Sharia (revealed law) and mode of worship varied. Yet, all prophets were Muslims because the religion of all is one, and this Oneness is reflected in the similarities in the teachings present in all revealed books.

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