Freedom and Sufism a Brief Analysis on Freedom Concept in the View of Muslim Mystics
Dr. Maryam Bakhtyar

Freedom is a concept that mystics, politics, and political philosophers granted an especial attention to its nature and identity. In the work of Muslim, the inter predation of freedom and liberty has been repeated several times in its moralconductive meaning and visible and invisible barriers and the way of freedom from bondages are represented In this paper, the writer firstly introduces types of freedom and represents several definitions of it based on Muslim mystics’ view point. In the second chapter, he attempts to compares different definitions of freedom with similar concepts and subjects like servitude and Sufism and comments about their relation. In the present chapter, it is shown that freedom is not conflict with servitude or Sufism, but also they have same meanings. In other words, words of Muslim mystic prove that achievement to Sufism and real servitude is not possible without achievement to freedom and independency; but for most of mystics there is no relation between freedom and few them that considered liberty as freedom from gods rules and commands have been criticized theoretically and practically by great mystics.

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