“A Critical Approach to the Life of Omar Ibn Saîd”
Dr. Ibrahima Sarr

Some years ago, a manuscript attributed to a former slave whose name was El hajj Omar Ibn Saîd and his nickname Moroo was discovered in America. Its owner, Derrick Beard, has then been searching for evidence and was able to trace back his homeland which he situates in Fouta Toro (North-East Senegal). On the political field, the manuscript somehow served to restore the image of America following the confusion that America’s overt fight against terrorism in the world brought about in the minds of Muslims. The objective of this article is to demonstrate in the light of the manuscript that El hajj Omar Ibn Saîd never recognized his slave condition; instead, he was a passive resistant who fought against the debasement of Man and preached the sacredness of human freedom. This paper also questions the generally admitted thesis about his Fula origins, focusing on the linguistic properties of his name.

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